Bloom Necklace

Bloom Necklace

I want to live a live of risk. I want to live a life where I am running towards Jesus and a, so comsumed by what all He has for me to do that I forget to even think about playinhg it safe, He doesn't ask us to know Him and keep all of our things tidy and the good news to ourselves. He doesn't ask us to calculate the safest, most practical option and go towards that. He tells us to GO. He tells us to TRUST. He tells us to LOVE. All involve risk. When I started this off with " I want to live a life of risk" a pang of anxiety shot up inside me.  Our Bloom necklace includes a delicate 9mm with the verse number 1:18 stamped into it. It is set onto the display card pictured, perfect for gift giving or to keep close by for encouragement. 


Size: 9mm

Chain Length: 18"

Metal Choices: Sterling Silver or 14kt Gold Fill


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